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Cotton Ginning

Queensland cotton currently operates 9 cotton gins, including two joint venture gins with local growers. Operational excellence is at the core of our ginning business, with all our gins operational at or above 100% capacity rates.  Our annual repairs and maintenance program ensure all gins are continuously improved; and extensive capital research and development programs are in place for each of our sites.

Cotton Marketing

Queensland cotton has been purchasing cotton lint from Australian growers for over 98 years.  The renowned and trusted QC brand is today part of Olam International’s global cotton business.  Today QC/Olam sources cotton from all production regions in Australia; from over 40 countries globally; and delivers to customers in over 20 of the major cotton consuming destinations. 

Cotton Warehousing

Queensland cotton has cotton warehouses located on site at 7 of our gins.  75% of cotton bales purchased by QC is warehoused, packed into containers and exported at 3 of our gin sites. QC is also a third-party provider for shipping and documentation services. Our warehouse infrastructure enables us to offer growers the opportunity to warehouse bales.


Our cottonseed trading business is complementary to our ginning business.  We trade seed both domestically and into export markets. From our Bulk Storage site located at Cecil Plains, we pack and export containers of cottonseed along with supplying local feedlots and stock producers across QLD and NSW.
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